Sumario - Volumen 14, Nº 1, 2020

Evaluation of acute myocardial infarction management guidelines` indicators (Stent save a life, code 247) in patients referred to cardiology Department of Valiasr Hospital in Fasa, Southwest of Iran 2019

Evaluating the relationship between environmental elements and geographical distribution of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Gilan province

Infant mortality for the 10-year period of implementation of WHO technologies in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Effect of low serum triglyceride on LDL-cholestrol estimation by friedewald formula

The role of micronutrients and vitamins in the prevention and remote treatment of heart failure

Comparison of vitamin D level in pregnant women with and without gestational diabetes

The caregiver burden of Alzheimer’s patients: an evolutionary concept analysis

Coping strategies in patients with kidney transplant rejection: A phenomenological study

Epidemiological study of brain injuries in patients admitted to Yasuj Legal Medicine Department

Comparing cardiac asymmetric septal hypertrophy in hypothyroid patients before and after Levothyroxine therapy

Investigating the importance and causes of rheumatoid arthritis and its effective treatments: a review study

The role of herbal medicine in the side effects of chemotherapy

Pre and post-thoracostomy chest x-ray taking; do we must do?

Factores asociados a microalbuminuria y enfermedad renal crónica en pacientes diabéticos que acuden al Hospital Básico de Paute, Ecuador

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