Sumario - Volumen 15, Nº 1, 2021


Prevalence of menopausal symptoms and its relationship with socio-demographic factors among women above 45 years in Mosul, Iraq

Fatty liver disease and the risk of erosive esophagitis in a sample of iraqi patients: a cross sectional study

Clinical and microbiological evaluation of the efficacy of autoprobiotics in the combination treatment of chronic generalized periodontitis

A study of pre-hospital emergency care personnel’s perception of ethical and clinical caring challenges in the field: a qualitative study

The effect of the vaccine on the severity of infection on children with mumps

The frequency of congenital heart diseases among premature neonates

Early detection and diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in asymptomatic male smokers and ex-smokers using spirometry

Myopia-diabetic retinopathy relationship

Definitions of antibodies to the antitumor enzyme L-lysine-α-oxidase, the study of its immunogenic properties and allergenic activity

Liver manifestation associated with COVID-19 (Literature review)

Patient’s experience with pain influences the pain, anxiety and cardiovascular responses during extraction of tooth

Results of cerebral CTA in subarachnoid hemorrhage

Infecciones respiratorias y diabetes mellitus: situación actual

Ecocardiografía aumentada basada en una estrategia computacional híbrida

Estilos de vida y adherencia a terapia antihipertensiva, La Era-Lima Perú y San Miguel-Arica Chile

Study of the association between the congenital uterine septum and Polycystic ovarian syndrome in infertility tertiary center in Iraq



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