Sumario - Volumen 17, Nº 1, 2022


The annual incidence of Listeria monocytogenes infection among pregnant women with abortion and premature birth effects in Kirkuk city, Iraq

Clinical overview, laboratory findings, and radiological outcomes of COVID-19 Patients in the city of Bandung, Indonesia

The task force method for tooth brushing compliance behavior in pregnant women

Thorax Ct-Scan image and demographic factors of Adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma

The effect of moderate intensity aerobic exercise on blood pressure in hypertension patients

Historical experience of the rise of a regional quality system of medical care

A review of animal diseases caused by staphylococci

Protocolo de antagonista de parada de agonista de GnRH versus protocolo de antagonista de GnRH en pacientes con respuesta de ovario deficiente sometidos a FIV

Evaluation of some physiological parameters for obese women suffering from pregnant disturbance in Basrah Governorate, Iraq-Case Study

The immunological role of the placenta in the adaptive relationship between mother and fetus in the dynamics of pregnancy

Consuming nanogold and nanosilver nanomaterials to increase self-efficacy and spirituality for cancer volunteers

The effectiveness of dental and oral health promotion with audiovisual media on knowledge level and oral hygiene status of deaf children

Questioning potential ethical issues: facts on a hospitalized psychiatric patient with Covid-19

Obesidad como factor de riesgo para complicaciones posterior a cirugía de rodilla


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