Sumario - Volumen 14, Nº 3, 2019.


Some aspects of the evaluation of the breast feeding organization in obstetric hospitals and children’s clinics

Decision making in Ischemic cardiomyopathy: variability in physicians’ approaches and patients’ adherence

Prevalence of anisometropia and amblyopia in duane retraction syndrome of patients attened ibn Al-Haitham Teaching Eye Hospital

Barriers standards of professional ethics in clinical care from the perspective of nurses

The effect of liaison nurse on patient anxiety and vital signs during cardiac care unit admission: a randomized clinical trial

Factors affecting maternal satisfaction with vaginal delivery: a qualitative study

Effects of home-based walking program on fatigue in patients with cancer

Survey Knowledge and practice of health personnel of educational-therapeutic centers in Rasht city regarding organ donation after death in 2014-2015

Evaluation of the effect of adherence to treatment regimen program on quality of life in atrial fibrillation patients hospitalized in Shahid Chamran Hospital in Isfahan in 2017

Effectiveness of compassion focused therapy on stress and headache in patients with tension-type headache

Analyzing indications of amniocentesis and positive predictive value (PPV) of cytogenetic findings of chromosomal abnormalities

Optimization of PTSD disorder detection based on nonlinear dynamic analysis of electroencephalogram signals

Double inversion recovery in evaluation of multiple sclerosis: a narrative review

Relationship between changes in heart rate variability indices and blood glucose control in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

The use of hypoxene in the treatment of patients with chronic heart failure

Causes of delayed immunization with pneumococcal vaccine and aetiological patterns of pneumonia in young children

Psychometric assessment of the persian version of a dimensional instrument to measure gender identity disorder

Correlation between suicide literacy and stigmatizing attitude of nurses toward patients with suicide attempts

Early predictors and prognostication of children chronic kidney disease in the conditions of environmental disability

Investigation of drug -drug interactions status, in University-Based Pharmacies, in Lorestan, IRAN


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