Sumario - Volumen 14, Nº 4, 2019.


Cardiovascular risk assessment among rural population in Russian Federation: A case study of Irkutsk region

Impacto del entrenamiento con simulación en el desempeño de cirujanos en entrenamiento en cirugía de catarata: experiencia de centro de entrenamiento en Colombia

Nivel de actividad física e índice de masa corporal en escolares de la región caribe colombiana: estudio multicéntrico

Comportamiento sedentario en estudiantes universitarios

Effects of a 12-week exercise-based program on the quality of life among myocardial revascularization subjects with normal and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction

The effect of muscle relaxation on serum calcium and phosphorus levels in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Assessment of the main risk factors of development of children’s cerebral palsy

Clinical-functional changes of myocardium after percutaneous coronary interventions in patients with chronic heart failure

Endoscopic surgical interventions in the treatment of periampullary cancer

Features of immunological and nonspecific reactivity of the organism, clinical flow of chronic obstructive bronchitis based on the estimation of quality and quantitative composition of microelements (me) in the blood

Application of phosphocreatine in the treatment of a patient with acute myocardial infarction on the background of auxiliary circulation

Sensorineural hearing loss after suffering bacterial meningitis in children

Comparison of serum levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone in preeclampsia and non-preeclampsia pregnant women referring to Karaj Kamali Hospital in 2018

Investigating the effect of using magnetic drape on preventing instruments fall during surgery in Alzahra Medical educational Center of Isfahan in 2017

Investigation of diabetes prevention behaviors among teachers of different level of education based on Pender model in selected educational centers in southwestern Iran, 2019

Trends of incidence of colorectal cancer in Iran, 2003–2010

Comparison of effectiveness and safety of labetalol and hydralazine on blood pressure during cataract surgery in patients with hypertension

A propósito de un caso: coartación de aorta, Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso Cuenca – Ecuador 2018

Influence of recombinant erythropoietin on mesenchymal stem cells proliferation and differentiation during cultivation on allogenic bone matrix

Renoprotective effects of 3 HMG reductase blockers in elderly patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing revascularization through percutaneous coronary intervention

Association of polymorphisms of cardiovascular system genes with idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss of Kazakh populations

Compilation and evaluation of clinical practice guidelines for comprehensive approaches to patients with acute chest pain in the emergency room at Al-Zahra Hospital in Isfahan

Patency rate and factors affecting the clinical outcome of patients with aortoiliac artery occlusion undergoing intra-arterial stenting

Epidemiología, diagnóstico y tratamiento de la fibrilación auricular: ¿dónde estamos y hacia dónde vamos?


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