Sumario - Volumen 13, Nº 6, 2018.


Force Degradation Comparative Study on Biosimilar Adalimumab and Humira

Rescripting Mental Image of Pain in Patients with Chronic Pain: A Clinical Protocol

A Comparative Study of Ketofol and Thiopental Sodium in Patients undergoing Dilation and Curettage by General Anesthesia

Comparison of the Health Promoting Life Style in Patients Candidate for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft and Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Isfahan Shahid Chamran Hospital, 2017

Detection the Coordinators by using of Social Network Analysis: Case study: in an Emergency Management

Evaluation of the effect of the provided training in delivery preparation classes on awareness and attitude of pregnant mothers toward delivery type in Razi Hospital of Saravan

Evaluation of the factors predicting nurses’ attitude to phase of preparedness to respond to disasters

Full Mouth Reconstruction in a Patient with Severely Worn Dentition by Restoring the Vertical Dimension of Occlusion: A Case Report

Investigation of the relationship between structural empowerment and reduction of nurses’ occupational stress and job burnout (case study: nurses of public hospitals in Tehran)

Professional Capability in Triage Nurses in Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study

The Role of celiac disease antibodies in the follow up of Patient on Gluten free diet

Comparison of the Effect of Corticosteroid Therapy and Pre-natal Single-period Treatment on Birth Size and Neuronal Development in Preterm Infants With one Year Follow up in Yasuj Hospitals in 2015-2017

Endolymphatic therapy for chronic lymphovenous insufficiency complicated by trophic ulcers

In Silico Analysis of Formononetin Compound as a Breast Anti Cancer

Prediction of academic burnout and academic performance based on the need for cognition and general self-efficacy: A cross-sectional analytical study

Parent appraisal of accessibility and quality of general medical service rendered to children residing in rural area

The influence of mesiodistal dimension of abutment preparation design on stress distribution in fiber-reinforced composite inlay fixed partial dentures: a finite element study

Complex issues of accounting and reporting in the field of medical prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases

Evaluación de la eficacia del ejercicio físico sobre la capacidad funcional de sujetos con enfermedad cardiovascular

Glycemic Index Trends and Clinical Implications: Where Are We Going?





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