Sumario - Volumen 14, Nº 6, 2019.


A comparative study of the effectiveness of case-based learning and lecturing in enhancing nursing students’ skills in diagnosing cardiac dysrhythmias

New approach to ethics in fertility

Evaluation of the effect of the follow-up caring model on depression syndrome among the patients treated by hemodialysis in the north of Iran

Diabetic retinopathy pattern among Kurdish diabetic patients in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

An investigation into the effect of cigarette smoking on the severity and control of asthma in adults in Sulaimani City

Effect of 4% articaine and 2% lidocaine both with 1:100,000 epinephrine on hemodynamic changes in impacted mandibular third molar surgery: prospective, double-blinded, randomized clinical trial

Simple transposition of the great arteries with total anomalous pulmonary veins connection (infracardiac form): case report

Surveillance for patients with acute coronary syndrome with st segment elevation and spontaneous reperfusion based on the experience of the Regional Vascular center of the Moscow State City University Clinic named after M.P. Konchalovskiy of Moscow health department

Role of sigmoidoscopy in the diagnosis of lower GIT bleeding

Evaluación de la estabilidad de la placa ateroesclerótica en la estimación del riesgo cardiovascular

Nuevas fronteras en la farmacoterapia de la hipertensión arterial

Nuevos biomarcadores en la evaluación del riesgo cardiovascular

Resección por artroscopia de Ganglión Secundario a lesión parcial del componente dorsal del ligamento Escafolunar: Reporte de caso

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